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Do you need junk removal services in and around the San Fernando Valley area? Contact JunkRemovalSFV.com and schedule your service today. We handle all manners of trash and debris hauling and removal so you don't have to break a sweat and do it yourself. Use our convenient contact form or call us directly and speak to one of our friendly and helpful representatives.

*Now open on Saturdays for public trash dumping. Bring us your residential trash and more from 8am-5pm only.*

Household Junk Removal

All manner of junk and debris gets removed from a property in this service. No matter how much junk you might have our crew will quickly remove these items and leave your property spotless. This also includes Hoarder situation where the junk might be piled high to the ceiling! We have done many Household Junk Removal services and we treat each one with the respect and honesty it deserves. From houses to condos to apartments. You can count on Junk Removal SFV to make your life stress free.
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Garage Clean Outs

Cleaning out a Garage is one of the most mundane tasks around and one that we are experts at as well. Usually you would have to schedule to get this job done on your weekend but who really has time to do that? Especially when you can contact Junk Removal SFV to handle this task for you. Clearing out clutter and junk from a Garage is what we do best and you can leave all the heavy lifting and sweating to us! No more squeezing into dimly lit garage areas and trying to decide where to start first. Our Garage Clean Out crew will tackle the job and let you have your free time to yourself and your family!
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Construction Waste

Heavy duty construction waste sure doesn't scare us at all either! We train our removal team on the methods of also handling heavy construction so you don't have to. Did you recently remodel your home or business? Tear down a few walls or completely demolished a residential property? No need to rent out a dumpster and hire some guys as well, just contact Junk Removal SFV and we can do the complete job for you at the lowest price possible. Handling re-bar, drywall, roofing material, etc is an everyday occurrence for us here. We have helped many contractors get that job done last minute in the San Fernando Valley.
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Hauling Services

Our hauling services are highly touted and recommended from our previous customers to future clients. We can haul away anything you might need to get rid of in the San Fernando Valley, Large Furniture, Old Appliances, Large Bulky Items and anything that is out of the ordinary or even small and bothersome can be removed by our staff. When you need to get things hauled away you can count on us to get it out as well! Don't bother your friends to borrow the truck or rent a truck when you can easily call up Junk Removal San Fernando Valley and have your items hauled away. Large or small we can take care of it.
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Let Junk Removal San Fernando Valley Haul Away Your Junk!

Junk Removal San Fernando Valley has the special distinction of servicing all the residents in the San Fernando Valley by hauling away junk, cleaning out residential as well as commercial spaces and removing bulky items and debris which needs to get removed as soon as possible. Junk Removal services are our specialty and with many years of service in the front lines battling junk and debris you can count on us to do a great job! Offering the lowest prices and the fastest service we take pride in keeping our customers happy and junk free. Best of all you yourself don’t have to worry about doing any physical labor at all. When you hire Junk Removal San Fernando Valley you can rest assured that all your questions will be answered and all your junk will be hauled away.

Some of our more popular services we provide to our customers include: Household Junk Removal, Hoarder Junk Removal, Storage Unit Clean Outs, Garage Clean Outs, Bulky Item Removal, Yard Waste Removal, Construction Debris, Furniture Removal, Hauling Services, Dirt Removal, Construction Removal, Electronic Waste Disposal and many other junk removal services. Centrally located to service all of our customers serving the greater San Fernando Valley area you can count on us to show up and get the junk removal service done. Read up on the services we offer and keep checking out our blogs for more info and tips on junk removal in the San Fernando Valley.

Dumpster Rental Services

Already have a work crew ready to do the work? No problem, we also provide Dumpster Rental Services in the San Fernando Valley as well! With various sizes and prices, you have no excuse to not give us a call to rent out one of large dumpsters for your junk removal job. Our prices are all inclusive and will help you greatly when deciding what size of dumpster you need to rent out? Not sure what you? Our helpful staff will answer any questions and pair you up with the correct dumpster for your job.